6 Halloween 2022 Makeup Looks To Recreate With Your ATHR Beauty Collection

From Euphoria to comic book queen and all the mystical, whimsical, nostalgic looks in between, we have the makeup-only costumes for the last minute Halloween Queen. And the best part - they were created using the ĀTHR Beauty products you already have in your collection! Keep reading for looks from beauty beginner to advanced artist.


The image that started the sensation. Grace recreated Rue's iconic Euphoria cover using our Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, a strategically placed glitter tear, and flakes of gold leaf for extra effect.


Be a pumpkin but make it glam. Be a tree but make it glitter. This look is giving all the autumn energy with a serious stroke of artistry. Queen D created this look using orange and bronzey shades from our Desert Sunset Palette.


If you know, you know! Zero, Jack's ghost dog in the Nightmare Before Christmas is the cutest little undead dog the world has ever seen. Surround your Zero art with purple and pink shades from our NEW Manifest Crystal Palette.  

Butterfly Tears

Butterflies represent transformation and regenisis. Tears are a symbol of release. We can't help but feel all the symbolism with this look that's both stunning and kind of poetic. Cry your tears, release what no longer serves you, and watch yourself transform. Sophie used our Desert Rose Lip & Cheek Oil Stain to create this look - apply on your lips, cheeks, and lids, then just add butterflies and crystals.


If you're not a comic book fan, you may not have heard of Raven from The Teen Titans. But if you're a beauty girl, you can appreciate her dramatic gothic glam and the perfectly placed face gem she rocks while doing superhero things.

If you've been hesitant to to try out the Goth Glam makeup trend, there's no better time than Halloween when anything goes. Channel your inner Raven and save the world, one heavily lined eye at a time ;)

Dip into the deep plum and glimmery lilac tones in our Manifest Crystal Palette to recreate this eye look.

Glam Frankenstein

Be Frankenstein if he were a glimmering, shimmering green goddess of the night! Recreate this look with the green and teal tones in our Moonlight Crystal Palette, some artfully drawn liquid eyeliner, and The Big Bang Mascara on your lashes and flecked under the eye for an unmascara effect.

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