Get The Look: Sunburnt Blush Trend

You know that happy, slightly over-toasted rosiness you get from a magical, loungey day in the sun? Well instead of subjecting your skin to a day full of sunblock-less rays, try the latest TikTok trend and fake your flush with blush.

Keep reading for how to get the look with our BRAND NEW Desert Rose Lip & Cheek Oil – the creamiest, dreamiest, perfectly pigmented lip + cheek elixir that has ever graced your face. Get ready for all-in-one magic in four stunning, universally flattering shades filled with all the skin-loving, collagen-boosting goodness we could fit in this tiny but mighty little tube. I know we’re sounding dramatic, but for real – this product will almost undoubtedly change your life (or at least definitely your makeup regime).

How To: Sunburnt Blush

Step 1

Apply a few dots of color on the cheeks, from about an inch from the nose towards the ear.

Carlie's wearing the shade Harmony.

Step 2

Use a soft fluffy brush or your fingers to blend along the cheeks and over the nose into a soft-focus, natural sunkissed blush.

Apply more color if you want to intensify the effect! These stains are endlessly buildable.

The Final Look

You’ll look like you’ve been frolicking carefree along the Caribbean sands. Little do they know, your flush is faux.

Other Ways to Blush

We are all about multitasking, do-it-all beauty, and our Desert Rose Lip & Cheek Stain is the face of the movement! Apply on your lips, your cheeks, your lids, and adjust your application for endless looks from an effortless glow to a snatched, Leo-season glam.

The Lifted Look

Focus your application on the tops of your cheeks, blending upwards and outwards for all the #snatched and lifted vibes. Hello, blush as contour!

Got Me Blushing

For that youthful, you-made-me-blush look, focus your application on the apples of the cheeks and gently pat the color in.

Kiss, Blush, Blend, & Snap

For glossy, plumped lips and a from-within flush, apply onto your lips first, then kiss your two fingers, dab the color your cheeks, and blend, blend, blend. Say hello to your blessed-with, kissed-by-the-sun glow.

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