6 Beauty Trends We're Living For in 2022

2022 is here and it's the perfect year to throw away all your tried-and-true routines and embrace the new, new. Play with color, reminisce on spice girl moments and say goodbye to any color rules you had about blush. Keep reading for the 6 top beauty trends to try no matter what mood you're in. 

1. Color with every crayon in your box

Your lids are your canvas and no color’s off limits. Paint with the mattes, the metallics, the shimmers - embrace the full rainbow, every shade is a winner.

GET THE LOOK: Find that magic teal shimmer (and a whole world of rainbow magic) in our sapphire-infused Moonlight Crystal Gemstone Palette and that desert sky coral, plus all the golden bronze gorgeousness in our amber-infused Desert Sunset Palette

Jessie's also wearing The Big Bang Mascara because diamond-infused, sky-high lashes are always in fashion, am I right?!


2. Purple reigns supreme

People shadows #obvi and say hello to purple blush! Yes you heard that right - because who made the rules that blushes had to be pink after all?! Take a page from the TikTok playbook and blush in regal, ethereal shades of lavender, lilac, and even a lightly dusted plum! They didn’t pick Very Peri as the Pantone Color of the year 2020 for nothing!

GET THE LOOK: Andromeda's wearing dreamy purple tones from our sapphire-infused Moonlight Crystal Gemstone Palette.  


3. Skinminimalism

The vibe is cared for skin. Light on heavy makeup and positively drenched in glow-giving goodness. It’s a beach day in St. Barts kind of year - well at least our skin will be living that life. Love on your visage with all the nourishing plant-based oils to bring a glow that a full beat can’t fake.

GET THE LOOK: Give your skin the natural #soloved glow it's been craving with our Illuminating glow oils - choose from an ethereal cosmic radiance with our Desert Moon Illuminating Oil or a golden bronze glow with our Desert Sun Glow Oil.  Wear bare for a natural from-within radiance, as a primer or liquid gold highlight, or mix with your foundation for a #blessedwith luminosity. 


4. 90’s is here to stay

Our 90's love affair is evolving from the supermodel runway mattes to the more pop star side of the decade. Think bright blue shadows - but this time more ocean-dreaming sapphire blue than the powder blue of times gone by.  

GET THE LOOK: She's wearing cosmic teal sapphire tones from our Moonlight Crystal Gemstone Palette. 


Image: @ipsyvsboxy

5. Y2K Night

Think baby spice frosted lids and an all-year round permission slip for copious amounts of glitter. Now that our fave beauty inspo show, Euphoria's back, get ready for glitter, gleam, and everything in-between!

GET THE LOOK: Ashley's wearing ethereal, beglittered shades from our Moonlight Crystal Gemstone Palette. 


Image: @nerdylipstick

6. Lips have been missed

With the reign of the mask supreme, lips have been sadly shunned from the scene. But almost 2 years in, many of us are realizing we don’t paint for others' pleasure, we don that new gloss to bask in our own glammed reflection. Now the time to bring lips back in the spotlight, whether it’s for a zoom meeting, a real-life outing or a living room conference with your cat - beauty is fun and we won’t let COVID take that from us! #areyouwithme #lipsneedlovetoo

GET THE LOOK: She's wearing our ruby-infused Radiant Ruby Lip Creme in shade 'Ruby'. 

Image: @credobeauty


We can't wait to see your take on this year's beauty trends (plus all the ones you create yourself)! Tag us in your looks on IG so we don't miss a thing! 

- ĀTHR Beauty xo

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